Lesson Plan

  1. Warm Up: Duration 5 to 10 Minutes
    Our warm up covers cardiovascular exercise like rope skipping, galloping, running jumping games etc. Stretching of all muscles with more emphasis on the muscles to be used during the main activity.
  2. Pre – Conditioning: Duration 5 to 10 Minutes
    This includes light strength exercises to get the gymnasts’ bodies ready for the main activity. Pre – conditioning also covers forward rolls, side rolls, cartwheels, handstands and etc.
  3. Main Activity: Duration 15 to 30 Minutes
    These are the exercises being taught for that particular session. They are taught in an order from the simplest progressing to the more difficult eg from forward  roll, handstand, cartwheel, backward roll, dive roll, Arab spring,  handspring flip-flop,  and vault
  4.  Conditioning: Duration 5 to 10 Minutes
    Strength exercises targeting the mid-section, upper body and legs. Stretching doing splits. We end on a good note by doing some agility jumps.

Activities on the lesson plan vary with age groups. Children below the age of 7 rely majorly on hand held apparatus like balls, hula-hoops, tap sticks, skipping ropes, parachute, bean bags, tunnels, trampolines etc.

Children respond to compliments like flowers to the morning sun. Totsgames encourages children to do their best through compliments and gifts like stickers after every lesson.