About Us


Totsgames was founded in 1997 as Nelsport Gymnastics. In 2008 the name was changed to Nelsport Edutainment, and finally in 2013, the name was changed to Totsgames Gymnastics of which we go by Totsgames to make it short.

Through vast research and practical experience, we have have realised that there is a need for a comprehensive program that would assist in making children maximise their full potential through games and exercises which are fun, enjoyable to all and are conducive to good health “It better to build children than to repair men”

Totsgames is a “catch-them-young, play-and-learn”program  designed for children between the 3 and 15 years of age.

Totsgames aims at helping children in coping with school work, sports, and games by building and developing in them a reliable foundation which makes it easy for them to participate in any sport they may want to venture into as they grow up.

Vision and Mission

To identify talent in children at an early stage and help them utilise it
To motivate, inspire and stimulate children’s interest to participate in sport, practice good health habits and mental positiveness
To provide children with strong unbiased foundation which gives all children equal opportunity to learn irrespective of their gender, colour or creed.
To set the trends in the field of Movement, Physical Education, Gymnastics and Sports for early childhood development.


Contact numbers cell : +27 73 679 9751 . Email address : nelson@totsgames.co.za Midrand / Kyalami / Fourways / Edenvalle and Kempton Park areas .